Environmental Policy

Being on the frontline of both waste removal and of cleaning chemical application, we understand our effect on the natural environment is immediate. We operate under an understanding that we have concurrent responsibilities with our customers and with the natural environment. Because of this, we try to operate as green as possible while still upholding our commitments to our customers.

We have little say in what and how much our customers may throw away, but we recycle where possible. Our commitment to waste reduction, however, is not outweighed by our commitment to employee safety. Under our waste and recycling program, we ask our crew members to never reach into a trash can to try to separate out trash from recycle and vice versa because there is no way for them to assess unseen potential dangers such as glass or needles. Still, within our parameters, we are committed to recycling and our waste and recycling program helps us to avoid unnecessary plastic waste by reusing can liners that are not ripped or soiled.

It is not often that our customers have a preference in what chemicals we use. Their concern is the outcome of our work, not the media used in what we do. We try to use green chemicals where possible and where practical. We also try to avoid using chemicals if they are not necessary. Often it is the physical processes and not chemical processes that provide results. For example, extracting carpets with just water to remove dirt is often effective enough to achieve desired results without using unnecessary chemicals.

We have partnered with our suppliers to choose EPA-friendly paper products that we then offer to our customers. The paper products we use comply with EPA guidelines for post-consumer recycled products. This helps our customers reduce their carbon footprint without them even having to think about it.

We help our customers uphold their environmental responsibility through our own practices, and we also assess our own responsibility through our business practices. We avoid printing unnecessary papers and try to keep much of our communications and records electronic. Since implementing the use of the Cleantelligent software, we can maintain paperless records and communications with our customers. We also strive to keep as much of our own business records paperless. Much of each employee’s file is paperless and our recorded invoices are paperless as well. We also try to lessen the environmental impact of our operations by providing company vehicles for our mobile teams to move from building to building in. Instead of having our employees use their own vehicles to move themselves from building to building, we take the unnecessary vehicles off the road by putting them all in one. This lessens our carbon footprint and decreases the stress on our employees.

Our frontline environmental impact status keeps us well-aware of our responsibilities to the natural environment. And, within our safety and service parameters, we do what we can to address this responsibility. Green technologies are constantly changing and we are all constantly learning how we can lower our environmental impact. We constantly work with our suppliers to keep updated about all the new technologies. If any of these fit into our company’s safety and practicality requirements, we are committed to making necessary changes to accept these new methods to further reduce our environmental impact.

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